Sickalicious in S-Ville

Yesterday our house imploded on us.  At about 2 am Tuesday  morning Catcher woke up with a mean case of the pukey's.  It lasted all night.  He puked everywhere.  In our bed, in the hallway, on the couch.  It was awful.  The poor kid was so sad the he was so sick.  His bought finally ended at about 8 am which gave me about a 15 minute window before the sickness came after me. I was a mess for the next 8-10 hours.  The Chef & Biggie Smalls were ok (or so I thought) and it was decided by the Chef that he would stay home and take care of the kids while my ass & the toilet seat developed a whole new relationship.  I tried my damnedest to get him to go into work, especially because he had a meeting with GE regarding the efficient lighting that will be used in The Greenhouse Tavern.  But he wouldn't budge.  I think he knew that there was no way in hell that I could take care of both of our kids in the awful (not to mention gross) condition I was in.  

I spent the day in bed.  I spent the day in the bathroom.  I didn't see my kids until 7 pm when I had finally started to feel a bit better.  Catcher was feeling great by then and he had the best day ever with his dad watching Star Was, wrestling, and playing dominoes.   By 10pm I was off the pot and ready to go.  My stomach didn't feel like cannonballs were hot into anymore.  Life was good, until Biggie Smalls woke up.

She woke up screaming and smelly.  He diaper was soaked (not by pee) and her adorable little booty was fire red.  My poor baby girl and her big sad eyes.  We changed and cleaned her up and settled in our bed with hopes of sleep for all three of us.  Not a chance.  No sooner had my eyes closed, baby girl threw up...on me.  Nice.  The Chef grabbed her and ran to the bath.  We started her 3rd bath of the day (the house's 6th) and started washing sickness off the sheets.  Probably the 10th load of sick laundry that occurred yesterday.   While she was bathing the Chef told me that she had thrown up in the early am and had the poops all day but he didn't tell me because he didn't want me to get out of bed and try to take care of her.  He knows me well.


Biggie Smalls 3rd bath of the day finally makes her happy

By midnight everyone was asleep in their respective beds and this morning we all woke up feeling fine.  The sickness now gone and only the stench remains.  Good thing I'm snowed in. It's cleaning time bitches!



I just want to give some props to the Chef.  He really stepped up his game yesterday and took on our crazy sick household with no qualms.  He helped out with everything and took care of all of us even though we were a bunch of gross sick monsters.  We love you man.