The Anatomy of a Restaurant: The Greenhouse Tavern Grows Some Skin


The Drywall is up,

now it's color time!

The Greenhouse Tavern is becoming a restaurant more and more everyday and I must say that I am super freakin' excited!  The Chef has been involved on the design and structure since day one and more recently I am getting to help out on the final finishes.  Very cool stuff.  I am so proud of the Chef especially now that I see what he does and what he works through every single day.  It is so crazy the amount of decisions he needs to make on a moment's notice.   I could never do it.  I would lose my shit and start punching people.  But he does it with class and respect.  He rocks.

The kitchen is finished and the walk-in has been installed and every time I head down the cellar stairs I envision the Chef cookin' it up in HIS very own kitchen.  No strings attached.  No walls to break down.  No bullshit to deal with.  Just him and his knife.  The day can't come soon enough.