Kids Music That Doesn't Suck

I am a HUGE advocate for music in my children's life.  I listened to all sorts of music while they were both in utero.  The Black Album was the soundtrack of my pregnancy with Catcher and Boys For Pele went hand in hand with Lou.  Nowadays we listen to a helluva lot of tunes.  We hit up Pandora, my iTunes, and even the good old fashioned radio.  I make cd's of kids music and my iphone playlists is all for them.  It's not easy finding music that I like and my kids like but for the most part I think I've got it down pat.  Here are our faves: The Obvious

1.  Miss Laurie Berkner

Every kid, baby, toddler hearts LB.  Her voice is melodic, her tunes catchy, and her words are filled with joy.  Biggie Smalls listens to her ABC Medley at least 5x's a day.  My main beef with Laurie is the repeatedness.  After I listen to her for 20 minutes my eyes start looking for a drink.

The Dooode

2.  Mr. Dan Zanes

I heart Dan Zanes and I might be secretly in love with his pal Father Goose (his voice is purdy ).  Catcher seriously gets down on some Zanes and in March we are going to his concert Can't wait to hear Skip to My Lou.

The Bands

3.  MilkShake & The Dream Jam Band

Milkshake has stolen the hearts of both my kids.  They dig the music but they are hardcore in love with the Milkshake DVD.  Their songs are rad especially because they add sound effects of pirate ships and  the ocean on songs like Pirate.  Another reason MilkShake rocks is their comic book.  Not only does Catcher get to jam out but he gets to read along while doing so.  Not bad for a kids band.


Catcher at The Dream Jam Band show

The Dream Jam Band is a new find for us.  We recently headed down to Playhouse Square to catch their show.  The Chef & I dropped off Biggie at the in laws and then packed Catcher up for a night on the town.  The Dream Jam Band is a super funky psychedelic kids band that focuses on their instruments, lessons in their songs, and kid interaction.  During the show they played a song about brushing your teeth and going to bed and Catcher went thru the entire motion.  At one point I thought I might have to pick him up off the ground from 'pretend' sleeping.

The Folk Rocker

4.  Kimya Dawson

You may now Kimya Dawson and her band Antsy Pants from the Juno soundtrack.  Her voice is cute and pixie like and the majority of her songs have turned into my kids favorite driving music.  Which totally works for me cause I think she rocks.


The Punks

5.  The Ramones

This selection may surprise you but The Ramones define my son's knowledge of rock and roll.  He knows the words (his words) to Blitzkrieg Bop and his sister head-bangs throughout every song.   At least once a day Catcher requests rock & roll (what he calls them) and I play it.  A little punk rock never hurt anyone.  Except The Ramones...


I love that my kids love music.  It plays an important role in their life and their creativity grows everyday because of it.  I want your kids' creativity to do the same.  Leave me a comment below letting me know your favorite music for your kids (doesn't have to be a 'kids' band or singer) and you will be entered in a super sweet prize giveaway.  I will pick TWO winners next Monday.  The winners will receive either a Milkshake DVD or a Milkshake CD for your kids to rock out to.  Bonne Chance.