Boy Pout is Silly Ridiculous

The Chef goes downtown every morning now between 6 and 8 so usually I get to sleep in until he leaves.  Which is so nice and I absolutely lurve him for it.  Buuuuuutttttt, this morning was a little different.  The Chef refused to get up and I being a woman now accustomed to NOT getting up at god awful hours refused as well.   A standoff began and I eventually won.  But someone was not happy about my victory.  His name rhymes with donathon. He pouted all morning and continued to pout until after he left.  I called him on his drive down to the CLE and the pout was mos def still on.   

Boys can be so ridiculous sometimes dontcha think?

And don't even get me started on boy sickness....laying in bed acting like they're dying.  C'mon!


****In all fairness to the Chef I am super pouty and super crazy the majority of the time so I'll give him a day of grump.  Granted I'll talk about it on the internet but doode knew what he was getting into when he married my hot ass.  

****And he (& the entire Greenhouse team) has been working NON FRIGGIN' stop to get that damn Greenhouse Tavern open.  I swear when it's yours it's the hardest job you can ever have.  Gotta give him some leeway for that-


Peace & War bitches.