Old Men Miss Many Dogs

This past month my friends, J & C had to put down their amazing dog Dakota.  Last week my friends Mike & Lizzie had to put down their girl Mabel.  It has be a hard month for our friends.  Both of their dogs were fantastic to know and the Chef & I are lucky that we got to know them:
  Dakota, a beautiful Great Pyrenees was stoic and regal however a scratch on his back could turn him into a bumbling puppy in an adult dogs body.  He was the opposite of my dogs, relaxed and regal and he played a vital role in one if my best friend's lives.  He will be missed and remembered fondly in many people's hearts.
  Mabel,  an amazing Bull Mastiff was the first dog that Mike & Lizzie shared and always seemed to me to be the protector of the family.  She was a stoic mama bear.  Not to mention an absolutely gorgeous girl.  She will be missed and remembered fondly in many people's hearts.
I know that losing a dog can be devastating.  I often think of my dog Cheyenne, I had her in college, she was hit by a car and later died in my arms.  I slept  wept in the garage that night.  I still think about her and miss her.  She was a part of who I was at the time and her memory will always remind me of that.  I cannot even fathom what it would be like to lose our boys.  I know that day will come eventually but for now I block it out.
Dogs have a way of knowing exactly how we feel at exactly anytime.  They teach us compassion and they teach us about true love.  We are better people because of our dogs.  I am a better mother because of my dogs.
My heart goeas out to my friends who have lost their babes.