The Anatomy of a Restaurant: The Green House Tavern Gets Dry


Dry as in drywall.  Lord knows we wouldn't EVER open up a dry joint!

The restaurant is coming along fast and I must say that my excitement is out of control.  Every time I walk into the Tavern a little more is complete.  We even have tiled bathrooms now!  I am so PROUD of that man I call the Chef.  

Since the Chef began focusing on GHT full time we have had our share of problems.  Actually I think it is pretty safe to say that the past two months have been the darkest days in our relationship ever.   I have had major beef with his hours and his lack of telling me anything.  By the time he is done with his day of a 1000 decisions, he has absolutely no desire to talk to me about it.  In turn I get hurt because I desperately want to be in the know about the restaurant.  

It has been a cycle of stress and anger and it gets better and then gets worse.  We know this.  And we try to fix it.

Recently we took a mini vacay up to my parents condo in Sandusky.  They took the kids and let us go out to dinner by ourselves.  It was a turning point for us and our relationship has been working again.  We talked about both of our shit and realized that even though we may hit a wall every now and then, eventually we will be able to break through it or climb over it and move on.

It also helps when the Chef insists I lay in bed all day drinking pink champagne and eating this:


Happy Valentines Day to me!