Chef's Widow Does BlogHer

This winter has truly kicked my ass.  It seems as though I have been sick every other week.  This past weekend I woke up with some kind of throat funk.  A mixture between razorblades and a cigarette overdose.  Not cool. I've been bumming around feeling sorry for myself.   The past few days haven't been easy.  The grey skies and the stress of shit going on with GHT have soured my mood.

Until now.  It seems that a little bit of sunshine has shone my way.

The sunshine came via BlogHer.   BlogHer is an organization of chick bloggers (hence the name B-L-O-G-H-E-R).  They are a humungo organization, that Chef's Widow is proud to be a part of, and some of my absolute favorite bloggers belong.  Each year BlogHer has a conference.  This year it is in the windy city.  When I first heard about the conference I was very excited and began to plan it in my head.  I would fly, get a suite, hang out with some peeps I haven't seen in years, and then...duh duh duh, I freaked myself out.  I got nervous because although I read many blogs,  I rarely comment (2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 restaurant make commenting impossible), and I have never met any of  the bloggers in person.  I almost felt like if I went I would be the new girl in high school.  I began to have flashbacks of when I actually WAS the new girl in high school and convinced myself that I couldn't go.  I would not go and be that girl.    It almost worked.

After convincing myself to pass on the conference an opportunity arose that would push me to stop being a wuss and woman up.

In December BlogHer began offering BlogHerships.  A virtual get in free pass for the entire conference.  I applied and forgot about it.  

I still thought about attending BlogHer, but didn't move forward on the event.  My mind had been boggled down with finances (we currently have $87 in our bank account), the restaurant (pushed back even longer), and my relationship with the Chef (dark but desperately searching for the sun) and I was just unable to make the commitment.

Turns out I didn't have to.   BlogHer did it for me.  This past weekend I opened my inbox to find a note from Sizzle Says offering me a BlogHership to the conference.  A smile broke out on my face the size of Long Island, and I immediately wrote back with way too much enthusiasm (think lots of !!!!!!!!!!) that I accepted and would do the  BlogHer Conference.  God I am such a nerd.

So that's my good news for the week.  In July I will be travelling to Chicago, staying in a fancy ass hotel, and kicking it with some bad ass blogging chicks.  Hopefully I won't be sick.