Screw Kissing, Trust The Chef

Opening a restaurant is no easy feat and it times it seems that it would have just been easier to move to the Keys, open a 10 seater, and relax.  The Greenhouse Tavern started out as a small idea the Chef & I had back when we first moved back from NYC.  Then it grew and grew and grew and soon had become a full fledged corporation with a business plan, investors, and all.  The Chef's vision was what defined the inception of the tavern however with a larger company and more people , the vision was constantly questioned, criticized, and changed.  This became hard for me to watch.  Actually it still is quite hard for me to watch.  You see I 175,000% trust my husband.  I trust his food.  I trust his knowledge.  I trust the fact that he has opened 4 restaurants in his life (all before the age of 27), one of which he received a 2 star review from The New York Times,  and another that was declared the Best Restaurant of 2008 by Cleveland Magazine. He has received awards, been on long lists, and been a constant figure in the culinary scene.  And his food is incredible.  In short he's a badass who knows what he is doing when it comes to restaurants.  {By the way I know if he's reading this he is embarassed as holy hell & definitely wants to kill me.  I love you honey.} Basically I get emotional.  I know that there are other people involved in this restaurant.  I know people have invested their time and their money to see the Chef's vision become a realty.  But I'll be honest.  It wears on me and it wears thin.  There are times when I think how much easier it would have been....could've been if we chose another path.  But we didn't, and I am glad 90% of the time.  And now that in just 3 short weeks I will get to see my husband in a kitchen again doing what he does best and I know seeing that will erase all of the drama, all of the emotional anger & energy, all of the crap that goes into opening an awesome fucking restaurant.

Last night we hung with Mike & Lizzie (& got to check out Mike's AWESOME Cookbook).   Mike  told a story about his and Lizzie's trip to the SoBe Food & Wine Festival.  When Mike spoke about their night it was so obvious that his time spent with his wife is still as genuine as it was 5 restaurants ago.  They were hilarious in the story and in telling the story, and I truly saw a vision of the Chef & my future.  Is that weird?   I guess it was just encouraging to see a couple. who had been thru ten times the shit the Chef & I have been through. that still smiled at each other.  

Through all of this I know that eventually the Chef will be successful, his restaurants will thrive, and his career will grow.  I see that in him.  I always have.  I just have to trust that everyone else will as well.  And believe  me people,  I know that my husband needs input.  Any great business person needs input and the Chef surrounds himself with great people for that reason.  The team working on The Greenhouse Tavern is by far the most eclectic, creative, and intelligent group of people I have known to open a restaurant.  They have their shit together and it shows.  Without them there would be no restaurant and I know that and I am thankful for their input the majority of the time.  Every now & then though....

Peace & War Bitches.



****Seriously kids I totally got a sneak peak at Symon's new cookbook and I must say that I absolutely love it (also he mentions the Chef a few times which is super cool).  And I ABSOLUTELY do not love cookbooks.  In face I kind of despise them.  Granted I also despise cooking but that's another story.  Head over to Amazon for the presale of Live to Cook.  

*****Also the widow may not be as consistent as she usually is.  I got hired to write my first magazine piece for next month and my focus has gotta be on that.  Wish me luck cause I am hella nervous.

******The Greenhouse Tavern will serve food in the month of March.  Details on the website.