Shiva The Destroyer

  I rented Rachel Getting Married last night because I thought it was a comedy.  It wasn't at all.  It was about addiction, enabling, beautiful music, death, mother daughter relationships, and rehab.  Five things I unfortunately knwo too much about.  The Chef fell asleep five minutes in & I became riveted by the film.  I couldn't turn it off even though I could barely see the screen through the tears.

It was a good movie.  Actually it was great.  At times it was a little slow.  And even though it was troubling for me to watch (I normally stay away from junkie flicks) it ended being quite thoughtful.  Anne Hathaway was fantastic and for once I could actually see why she was in the running for an Oscar.

Tonight The Changeling.  I expect the tears on this one.

******Since I have yet to hear back from winner of the Food Fiction Book Giveaway I am going to offer it again on this post. Two books. Signed by the author. Rockstar Parking. To win this awesome prize pack of super fun leave me a comment with a movie recommendation. The Chef & I are movie buffs however we always end up with crap. Rachel Getting Married was the first good movie I have seen since I saw Benjamin Button. Your suggestion will be much appreciated!!!  xoxo

A winner will be picked by midnight on Sunday.  Bonne Chance.