I'm in Love...Green Love

The Chef & Biggie celebrate Irish with luuuuuuuuurve!


As you may have noticed my posts have come to a halt.  The restaurant is opening soon and my responsibilities are increasing and increasing and increasing.  And my help factor is not.  I am talking to part time nannies this week to help with the kids while I am at the restaurant.  I signed up for sittercity.com (and have had no LUCK) however I have reconnected (on FB & Twitter) with a good friend from grade school with who happens to be a nanny.  Crazy shit.  We teamed up for our 8th grade talent show to do a dance to Iron Butterfly's Ina Gadda Da Vita, dry ice and all.  The nuns really LOVED our performance.

Well then.  Time to run.  Off to the restaurant to film a Living Green segment for da news.

If you are a Cleveland reader and need a job, the Chef is HIRING host/hostesses!


Photo Credit: Shelly Pike Polewchak

The boy, the Chef, & I take in St. Paddy's Day from the roof of The Greenhouse Tavern