Summer Sandal Season is Approaching & My Feet are Smiling

An ex-boyfriend of mine once told me that my legs looked thick when I wore espadrille sandals.  He was an ass.   I totally believed him though, and have since sworn off the chunky summer shoe.

I avoid espadrilles like the plague.   I have bought them though.  I even have a pair of gold Coach espadrilles in my closet that I have yet to wear.  They were $20 and I just couldn't pass them up.  Plus they sparkled....

Summer screams sandal to me and I am so excited that a few of my faves are all the rage.  I have been rocking fringe sandals and wood heels my entire life.  I remember sneaking my mom's wood healed platforms out of the house to wear to high school.  They were fantastic.  And now they are back and better than ever!  Let the summer shoe shine.

As you can see, the shoes above are some of my summer fave's.  Some I can afford.  Some I would have to refinance my house to buy (see fabulous Deva Suede Christian Louboutain Tie Back Boots above).  Even though some will never touch my feet I cannot wait for this endless winter to be gone so my feet can rock our some summer sandals!