Sign of the Times, The Tavern Times...

ght-sign The Greenhouse Tavern stakes it's claim in Cleveland


I am besides myself with anticipation.  Today the Chef & the entire Greenhouse team passed the health inspection.  The last inspection.  Now we go to liquor and then we are in mutha fucking business!!!!!!!!

I want to write today because so many things have been happening and I want to share them with everyone, but I can't right now.  The Chef came home early because the shit storm is about to hit and days off will be far & few between in these upcoming months.  Gotta get me some lovin' while I still can.

Tonight we will be finalizing the grand opening festivities and I will of course share them with you all as soon as I know.  Yippee!!!

Thanks for reading, and emailing, and just being an awesome part of this crazy fantastic adventure that we call our life. A million kisses to you all.  

****On another note Happy (belated) Birthday to the most badass chef's widow I know,  Liz Symon.  Many many birthday wishes!!!  Just think in couple weeks I may actually get to buy you a glass of birthday wine at the tavern~