Dirt Farm the Worm

I have been trying to squeeze in a post all week and it just has not possible with all the chaotic crazy of opening.  Opening man.  It is so surreal.  It almost feels like giving birth all over again except there are no painkillers or beautiful babies at the end of it.   Just very very tired chefs and widows :) The past two weeks have been a whirlwind and I have been away from my children the majority of the time.  I'm talking almost every day and night now for 7 days straight.  It has been to say the least, difficult.  I thought that I was ready to go to work and leave them.  However I don't know if anyone is really ready.  I am ecstatic as hell to be a part of the restaurant although when Catcher loads on the guilt,  the tears start 'a flowin.'  

And I know that this week  this month is going to suck family wise.  I remember how openings go.  I know how there are no days off.  Time is limited.  People are crazy.  Computers break.  Glasses break.  Restaurants hours turn into days...I get it, been through it before and I am absolutely thrilled to be going through it again this time with our very own restaurant.  I just miss my kids.  I'm not used to being the one who has to leave them.  

It will get better especially once my schedule is more set.  I will get into a routine, they will do the same.  And I want to be a part of the restaurant.  I love it.  It is the most enthralling thing I have ever been a part of (business wise that is).  And I am thrilled that my children will grow up in such a cool business with such a great message.  Did I mention that the Tavern is now green certified?  Boo Ya!  I am off now to kiss and make out with my children & husband before another long awesome day of the tavern begins. 


I picked up an Flip Video camera for The Greenhouse Tavern openings and I ended up filming Catcher & Biggie during an all day play outside marathon.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do (it's a long one...):


  I would also like to say that last night Friends & Family went beautifully.  The people, the food, the chef.  It was an amazing night and I can't stop smiling when I think about what a great team our restaurant has.  I am still in overwhelm mood however last night made me feel completely and confident that the Chef has a hit on his hands!