Kristy's Great Idea

Apparently I have become a writer.  I never knew I wanted to be a writer until I started this blog.  I always enjoyed writing and some of my earliest memories as a child always revolved around a book.  As a young lass I preferred books to boys.   I would hide under my covers with my B.Dalton book-light and read the Babysitters Club  or a good RL Stine to no avail.  My dad would literally find me in bed at 3 am rushing to finish my current read.  He was my main influence in all my endeavors with writing.  He was an English major in college and a massive supporter of literature, he encouraged me to read to my heart's content.  He also believed in the power of 'proper' writing.   Structured writing if you may, with an opening, body, and a closing.  He was a tough editor throughout high school and he seems to be even tougher now.  He was an English major who could receipt Chaucer but never did anything with his degree.  He shied away from it and went into a whole different sector all together. He always pushed me with my writing, in fact he still pushes me, however it was never a career choice for me.  I think his own fear of the way his path turned out pushed him away from encouraging me to pursue a passion.

Things are different now, and yesterday when I told him Northern Ohio Live magazine hired me to be a writer I could hear the pride in his voice.  He was proud of me for pursuing my dream that I recently realized I had.

I am so ecstatic about my new endeavor in writing and so scared all in one.  Writing this blog has always been easy for me.  It started as my therapy and now it has turned into my lifestyle.  I never thought that I was a good writer but then again that may be the appeal.  I write what's on my mind and rarely hold anything back, and somehow I have managed to create my on little online world on the interwebs.  Crazy shit man.

Now I just need to figure out how to add an extra ten hours to my day and I'll be all set.

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***You may be wondering how the restaurant is going.  All I can say is it is going  amazingly awesome.