This is How We Do Easter


 St. John's Cathedral

Our day began at the amazing St. John's Cathedral

Loula Loves Flowers

Louisiana found that she loved flowers, to smell...and to eat.  Who would have ever thought that Biggie Smalls could be this angelic.  And in a church no less.

Catcher is not a Fan of Church Musicimg_0994

Church lasted about five minutes and then Catcher decided that he must worship outside, while Lou felt that her prayers would be better heard if she was lying on the ground.


After mass we headed down to the restaurant for some brunch made by the Chef's mamma.  Yummers!


The kids searched long and hard for their baskets and eventually found them!  Needless to say they were pleased.  


But not as pleased as when they met the infamous Easter Bunny.


Easter Candy & Passover Matzo to You All!  xoxo