Peace for Maddie & Thalon

Last week while we were celebrating the opening of our restaurant another family across the country was suffereing a tragic loss.  A family that I don't know.  A mother that I have never met.  My schedule was hectic last week and my time spent perusing the interwebs was quite limited.  But it was hard to avoid the story.  As soon I read the words "It breaks my heart to have to share this news with you, but sweet, beautiful Maddie passed away today, " my heart shattered into a million pieces.  The thought of losing a child is something that lingers in the back of every parents mind.  Everytime I leave my children in the care of someone else, a flash of what if' scenarios scroll across my brain like a lightening storm.   Maddie's story was streamed worldwide through bloggers & tweeters.  The support is outpouring and it is hard not to feel affected by this little girls sudden & unexpected death. I had never read Maddie's mom's blog.  I did not follow her on Twitter.  But I read other's who were devestated by her death.  People I followed on Twitter turned their icon's purple for Maddie.  I clicked on links that took me to sites rasing money for her family & for the charity that she and her family had supported.  Maddie's face on blogs everywhere.  News stories about the blogger whose child died.  

And then today the interwebs broke news of  yet another child whose life was taken.  From another blogger.  Another mother.  A family I did not know.  My eyes became wet as I read the equally sad story of Thalon.   

I have no sage wisdom regarding the death of a child.  I have no experience.  I pray that I never will.

The collective support of both of the children has taught me that our world is a world connected and we do not have to experience pain and tragedy alone.  We can hold hands, virtually or flesh on flesh.  Mothers can understand the pain that other mothers are going through even if they have never met.  A child can be remembered forever by someone she had never even looked  smiled at.

I don't know what to say to these families.  I don't know how my words could even make a dent in what they are feeling.  I just know that I am sad.  I am sad at the unfairness of it all.  I am sad that some mother will never get to see her daughter at 13.  A father will never get to play catch with his son.  I just hope that the amazing support of Maddie and Thalon  bring even just a nanosecond of light to these dark times.

I send you all my love to you, Maddie and Thalon.  xoxo