2 Minutes Gone

2009-04-16_7247 Can you say Christmas Card?

You know that feeling you get when you get pulled over by the cops?  Times that by one million and then you will be in my shoes about an hour ago.  I got home from work (that sounds so funny) and decided that the kids and I were going to take advantage of the lovely afternoon with a trip to the jungle aka Metroparks.  We packed up and soon arrived at the beautiful forest.  I put Louisiana in the backpack and we headed out.  After about 5 seconds Biggie wanted to walk so I let her.  There was no one else on the trail.  We did about a ten minute hike and headed back down.  We picked up rocks, splashed in puddles, and tried to climb trees.  It was grand.  About 10' before we hit the car I noticed that I couldn't hear Louisiana.  She had been right on the side of me and Catcher had been in front.  I called out for her and she didn't answer.  At that split second I noticed a man staring at me from his car.  My mind went WILD with crazy scenarios.  I screamed her name and begged Catcher to help me find her.  Still no answer.  I ran back into the woods paralyzed in fear.  There was no one in the woods while we were but being the horror movie junkie that I am nothing seemed impossible.  My screams got louder and the asshole in the car just stared.  Finally I spied her Dalmatian coat peeking out from behind a tree.  I ran as fast as I could and there she was.  Crouching down, smiling and not saying a damn word.

Holy hell.

My heart felt like Andre the Giant was standing on it.  I hugged baby girl with all my might and headed home.  Another day in the life.