Exceeding Expectations

Way back in the fall Catcher's school held their first parent teacher conference.  I met with his teacher and was a bit underwhelmed by the whole thing.  They use a grading system of three categories:

  • Not Meeting Expectations
  • Meeting Expectations
  • Exceeding Expectations

During the fall conference I learned that my son was not exceeding any expectations.  I was bummed out however convinced myself that the school year was just beginning and maybe they didn't want to praise the children to much so that there would be room for growth.  A week ago the second round of conferences were held.  I could not go because his school is hella far and I had no sitter.  Today I received the results.

Catcher, according to his teacher, is once again not exceeding expectations.  He is also not meeting expectations.  Specifically three of them.  Fine motor, arts & crafts, and self-control.  I am fine with that.  He is a very creative child however he does have a hard time with boredom.  A bit like his father.  He likes to do crafty things although he would much rather play with cars.  And fine motor, whatever the hell that is, means nothing to me.  So he can't cut a piece of paper or write his name in calligraphy.  Who gives a damn.

What I do give a damn about is the fact there was absolutely no positive reinforcement.  There was a section that focused on language.  Specifically ' using age appropriate language to verbalize ideas, feelings, experiences, need.'  He met expectations.  Well my friends if you have ever met the boy then you know that my man can talk.  And talk.  And talk.  He can also hold his own in any conversation he has.  He can process thoughts and turn them into words easier than I can.  He excels at vocabulary and kicks ass in debate. He's the next god damn Winston Churchill.  Did I mention he can spell? EXCEEDING...

Whatever.  He's 3 1/2 years old.  I know my kid and I know how amazingly smart he is.  I understand his reason and his mind and frankly his creativity is unheard of for a child his age.   I just think that a school should highlight and focus on the things that each child is good at.  Apparently his school isn't down with my line of thinking.  

In 0ther awesome fantastic news, The Greenhouse Tavern's patio is open and extremely beautiful!  My first published (and paid) piece is out in this month's issue of Northern Ohio Live.  I am so proud of it and am so excited to be writing for them in the upcoming months.  Now I just need to figure out what the hell to write about. 

Also I am very proud that today marks the first day a couple can register in the City of Cleveland's New Domestic Partnership Registry! Gay, straight, or alien you can now be somewhat recognized as a partner. Baby steps my friends, baby steps.