Mommies Love Disaster Transport

I had been hyping up to write a bitch post about how the Chef is never home and I am basically a stranded single mother and then came Mother's Day.  And my right to bitch got thrown out the window when the Chef gave me with the best presents ever. Present 1


A day at the spa.  Nails.  Toes.  Massage.  Facial.  

I would have been happy with this as a present.  Actually I would have been ecstatic.  My toenails may have reached the point of no return.  The pedicurist may have thrown up a little in her mouth as she filed.  Moving on.

Present 2

Cedar Point Season Passes.  My dad bought himself a nice little condo out in Sandusky that happens to be situated right next to Cedar Point.  America's mother f'n Rollar Coast. Home of best/worst rollar coaster ever, Disaster Transport.   This summer we have planned on taking full advantage of the empty condo during the week and now with these passes we will actually have something to do.  Besides drink and talk about yachting.   

Present 3


We spent Mother's Day at the above mentioned condo and came to Cleveland Monday eve.  Imagine my surprise when I walked into a sunshine smelling super clean house with ALL (about 15 loads)  of the laundry done.   The Chef managed to have our house cleaned and all of our laundry done with the help of Sam, our kickass nanny, and some cleaning service peeps.  My house and laundry room has never been cleaner.  According to Catcher.

So what did I do to deserve all this?  Hell what didn't I do?  

But seriously kids if you ever are looking for some husband material inspiration, look no further than that handsome tattooed Chef of mine.  He raises the bar,  really fucking high.

Thank you husband.  Kisses.  And more.