For The Love of Pits


Pits needing homes

As y'all know I heart the pitbull.  My own pitbull Potato is by far the best dog I have ever known, sorry Vito.  My life would not be as awesome if I did not have him.  He's cuddly and reminds me of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.  He has hella allergic skin and sometimes he tries to stick his tongue down my throat.  At night his belly radiates and I rarely need a blanket.  He rocks.

Last night before bed I noticed on Facebook (friend me!) that For The Love of Pits was in dire need of foster homes for pitbulls sentenced to euthanizing this morning.  I immediately responded.  Shana Klein, the director at For The Love of Pits wrote me back.  They need help and I assured her I would post something here.  So if you are looking for a companion or a great dog please contact Shana.  If you can't foster, like us, please DONATE some cash money.  Every little bit helps and it may just be enough to save one dog's life.

This is really how pitbulls sleep

***I have no affiliation with this organization I just can't bear to hear about dogs dying.  Especaially breeds I hold near & dear.