Talking Shit & Eating Oysters

  Ponder this.

You own a restaurant.  In Cleveland.  You decide one night to go to the 'new green ' restaurant in Cleveland.  As you are entering the restuarant you decide that it is the appropriate time to talk shit about said restaurant and chef.


The hostess (with the mostess) that you are standing next to while talking shit, happens to be the owner of the restaurant.  You don't have a clue (because you're a schmuck) and you continue to slam the place you are about to dine in.  The hostess' ears perk up and she figures out which restaurant you own.  You continue to go on and on blabberring ignorance.  The hostess (with the mostess) wants to punch you in the throat.  The hostess (with the mostess) keeps her grin and her cool.  She asks you if you would like to be seated.  You decided that the table you have been given isn't good enough for you and walk out in a huff without letting above mentioned hostess know.

Keepin' it Classy.

The above mentioned incident actually did happen.  To me.  At the time I was shocked and kind of hurt.  However as I write this I think it is actually kind of funny...and sad.  As I have said before our city kicks ass in the culinary scene.  For the most part I really believe that the majority of independent restaurants and chefs stand behind each other in full support.  It is too bad that not all restaurants and chefs are able to do the same.  For someone (who actually owns a restaurant) to come into another restaurant with a chip on their shoulder is a bit ridiculous. Why come in at all?


For those of you who weren't talking shit on Friday night, check out the Chef's WKYC interview!