5 Steps To A Successful ER Visit

Step 1 Fall off the kitchen chair and cut your chin WIIIIIIIDE open.  Then make sure to look like you are on death's door during the car ride to the ER so your mom starts losing her shit.


Step 2

Kick up the drama.  Nothing says take care of me now DOCTOR like this face:


Step 3

Due to the recession Dr. Mom becomes a reality as she holds the bandage of numbing liquid to your gash.


Step 4

Have your significant other drop off a HAM:


Step 5

Glue that shit up and check out.


Honestly this was by far the BEST Emergency Room trip we have ever taken (and there have been a few).  The physicians assistant Rob Speicher was unbelievably awesome! His attitude, willingness to help, and his interaction with the boy made Catcher feel as comfortable as he possibly could.  Phenomenal.

Oh yeah & Catcher is totally fine.  In fact he's better than fine because he has become obsessed with the glue that is holding his chin together.  Not bad for a Wednesday.