Mean People Suck

I was going to write a post today about how deflated I feel after a run in with some customers at our restaurant who have now decided to write mean & untrue things about me (and the restaurant) all over the interwebs. But I'm not.  Fuck them.  We had our best weekend ever at The Greenhouse Tavern and I am not going to let some prep school poser punks ruin it for me.

Instead of focusing on their negativity and overall meanness on the interwebs, I am going to focus on how absolutely amazing the last month of our lives have been.  We have somehow managed to open a great restaurant.  I have met so many fantastic people who not only work at The Greenhouse tavern but who also come in as clientele.  I have worked the weekends (as the hostess w/ the mostess) and god damn have I had a good time.

We have so much to be grateful for.  The Chef & I.   The city of Cleveland's response to the Chef & our business has been overwhelming in positivity and it seems to grow each week we are open.  It has been hard and at times I was really unsure of how we were going to do it.  Hell at times I was unsure if the Chef & I were even going to make it.  But we did.  And everything, the stress, the money, the bullshit, was ALL worth it.

I know that there will be ups and downs.  I know that at times I will want to quit.  I will want to respond to those negative nellies.  I will want to run away.  But I will not.  I believe in the Chef & everything that he we have sacrificed for The Greenhouse Tavern.  And I am sure as hell not gonna let some stupid girl with a bad dye job make me feel bad for doing my job.  I'm going to trudge on through the thick and the thin.  Good times, bad times.  No matter what.  We opened a phenomenal fucking restaurant.  

For those of you who have been such an integral part of our support system, please know that an enormous part of our restaurant (and it's success) is yours.  It's all for you.  xoxo