Dear Chef,

2009-05-03_7677 The Sleeping Chef makes me crazy but...when he is awake he is really freaking awesome!

Thank you for throwing my an amazing surprise birthday party with such fantastic people.

Thank you for taking me to Cedar Point and making me ride this scary ass death ride.

Thank you for the amazing handbag.

Thank you for loving me the way you do.

Thank you for quitting smoking.

Thank you for cutting back on the hooch.

Thank you for starting to run again.

Thank you for thinking I am pretty even though I am hella overweight.

Thank you for knowing me.

Thank you for letting me sleep in on my birthday.

Thank you for being a KICK ASS father to our KICK ASS childrens.

You are by far the coolest dude I know,  besides Potato of course.

Buddy Kisses.

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