While The Boy is Away, The Girl Gets To Play: A Louisiana Weekend

2009-06-13_8273 Louisiana & Mr. Ed


Lousiana & Weaver's strawberries.  Delicious.


Louisiana & The Chef Parade the Circle.


Lousiana & Her Favorite Thing On Earth: Food

This weekend ended up being all about Lou.  C-Money spent the weekend with the g-parents in the Dusky riding roller coasters and eating shitty amusement park food.  SO the Chef and I decided to take full advantage of our Saturday with our daughter, Miss Biggie Smalls.  Who is now not so much Smalls, and very much so, Biggie.  My lil' mama's growing up.

We have been trying to focus on hanging with each kid separately lately because I think they are both going through that "I wish my sibling would stop bugging me, stealing my toy, annoying the shit out of me, phase."

Having two kids means the second one always gets shafted on alone time.  Up until now we have been a super foursome threesome (the Chef works too much to be counted, no offense honey) and I can tell that Catcher is craving some big kid mommy attention time and Loula is craving some ME time.   The boy starts morning camp this week and I am looking forward to the time I get to spend with my daughter.  However that leaves me with the dilemma of when I get alone time with Catch. The beautiful balance act of the journey called Parenthood.

To help me attain some balance in my life, vote for my little 'ole Blizog today!  It's up for Best Local Blog bitches.  And I really wanna win. Sort of.

To really help my balance out, RENT MY HOUSE.  Our casa is officially up for rent and we are officially on the move.  Don't know where yet.  Need a renter (YOU) first!  xoxo