I'm going to work at The Gap for chrissake!


Modeling my new free threads from the Gap

Never in a million years did I think that writing on the Internets would get me free shit.  I started this blog on a semi drunk night of loneliness while the Chef was opening Parea in NYC.  I used to drink red wine spritzers then.  They were uber delicious on hot summer new york nights, and somehow made the garbage smell disappear from the streets.  The Chef still hates me for making (and drinking) them.  Apparently mixing fance red wine and soda is  a no no in his book.  Shocker.  Anyways back to my original thought...  During those nights while Catcher was sleeping soundly and I was alone in Brooklyn I never never thought that this little blog would do anything.  Chef's Widow was my shrink.   I was wrong bitches.  And I'm glad I was.

A few months ago BlogHer put out a call for BlogHerships.  A BlogHership is a scholarship to the BlogHer Conference.  I applied and a few months later I found out I was going to the conference for FREE!  Hells yeah. Chicago here I come.

Last week I got an email from a super rad chick named Justine from a company called Brand About Town.  She was offering me free clothes from the Gap.  I thought it was a scam at first but I agreed to meet her.  I left the kids with the Chef at the restaurant and headed to meet her for coffee.  She was rad.  It wasn't a scam.  She is picking 'trendsetting' bloggers (her words not mine) to become Gap Brand Enthusiasts, code for free clothes.  And I love me some free clothes.  Nice.

Now if I could only get some free plane tickets to Florida in August.  Prices are fucking outrageous for flights right now.

**What I do think is a scam is the Nick's Parents Pick Best Local Blog contest.  However that makes me want to win even more.