Food is the Epcot of My Heart

My role in the restaurant is not very defined.  One could actually say it is all over the place.  I answer the Chef's emails (he gets like 300 a day), I try to keep the calender updated, I stay on top of all the social media (including Facebook, The Greenhouse Tavern blog,  & Twitter), I host on the weekends, and handle other random shit that gets thrown my way.  On top of that, I have also been taking on some of the restaurant's PR.  We have not actually reached the point financially where we can hire the Chef's old publicist, so I have been trying to play the role.  It has been difficult because I don't know that much about PR and I think it's kinda cheesy that the Chef's wife is doing it but that all changed when I finally booked something I was going for.

I am very proud to say that I actually booked The Epcot Food & Wine Festival for The Greenhouse Tavern! Dinner for 1000.  Whoa. We had gone to it a few years back and always wanted to participate.  This year I went for it and we got invited!  As of this moment we are not sure we are going to can do it financially.  But just the fact that we got invited after I worked so hard for it makes me feel really fantastic.

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