Veg Out

At one point in my life I was a vegetarian.  Hard to believe now but I was.  My parent's were into healthy food as I was growing up and I just migrated towards vegetarianism.  Obviously I am no longer a vegetarian.  I still do not eat a lot of red meat however I do eat meat.  And I love it. As restaurant owners the Chef & I come in contact with many vegans and vegetarians.  Two of my closets friends are vegan and the Chef has absolutely no problem in getting them fed in our restaurant.  We regularly have customers who are interested in our veg options and I am proud that we offer quite a few.  Last night I came home to 6 different emails regarding a Facebook Group of Vegans & Vegetarians talking shit about our restaurant.  After I saw it we started to get countless emails regarding our 'lack of options for vegetarians & vegans."  We also got a few mean emails accusing us of putting 'fish' in our vegetarian entree.  We OBVIOUSLY do not do that.  If we did it would not be vegetarian. Duh.

I am pretty sure we are the only (non vegetarian themed) restaurant in Cleveland that has a constant vegetarian entree on our menu.  It changes based on seasonality and it has always been fucking delicious.  Today it is a  Parisian Gnocchi Ratatouille.  We also offer a vegan entree which is the Grilled Romain Puttanesca.  We have countless other options that again change based on seasonality.  As most of you know the Chef is really into the freshest, most local food he can find.   Our servers are well versed in the options.  All one has to do is ask.  The Chef is brilliant (if I might say so myself) at cooking vegetables and he is quite happy to do so.  At this point in time we have 11 different courses that can be vegetarian.  Eleven.  Most restaurants have two.

Since I started writing this, I have gotten three more emails regarding this subject.  I encourage these people to actually come to The Greenhouse Tavern and decide for themselves instead of letting a Facebook group tell them what we are all about.

If you have eaten at our restaurant (talking to you Dana) I gladly invite you to discuss your vegetarian or vegan experience on their group page.  They asked.  We shall tell.