Crazy in Chefville

2009-07-03_8663 The Widow's future self (yes I do wear fruit pajamas and sunglasses in the morning)

The next month of our lives is going to be I-N-S-A-N-E. Our schedule is jammed pack starting tomorrow:

Stars & Bars Celebration at the restaurant, then the Iron Chef's annual 4th of July bash.

Monday is Catcher's 4th birthday and I think we are going up to the islands to celebrate and possibly to the point.  You know how we love the coasters.

Tuesday, the Chef is filming Good Company.

Thursday I have a tattoo removal appointment, ouch.

July 12th is Catcher's Superhero Social and July 13th is the Slow Foods Bastille Day Celebration, both at the restaurant.

July 14th the Chef goes to NYC to film Iron Chef & Nickelodeon's Best Local Blog Contest Ends (vote today!), July 15th The Tavern is doing WOW, and July 16th-18th the whole family heads up to Sawmill Creek for the Veggi U Food & Wine Festival.

The 21st, the Chef goes back to NYC (I am trying to go as well but flights are $400) to film another episode of Iron Chef America.  Anybody got any In's at the airlines?

July 23rd I leave my family for the first time ever and head to Chicago for BlogHer 2009!  I am super stoked but super nervous because I literally know one person that is going to be there.  I am excited for the conference but the party schedule is off the hizook.

The Chef is participating in the First Cleveland Food Rocks Chef's BBQ on the 25th and I get home on the 26th.

The last 5 days of July are pretty seamless and then we start all over again for August.  Woo Hoo! The life of a chef's family.

Happy Independence Day.  It is now ours again.