Home on the Range, if the Heights Could Be Considered a Range

Our new hood on the East Side

Our house is officailly rented.  We have found a house for ourselves as well.  It is virtually the same size as our house, the same mortgarge (minus the utilities!), and on the other side of town.  We told our families yesterday and both pairs of parents had no idea what in the hell we were talking about.  I came to the conclusion that parents really don't listen to their kids, even if they are grown ass adults.

When we moved back from Brooklyn we put our house up for sale.  It didn't sell and we had to focus on opening The Greenhouse, so we put the thought of moving out of our heads.  We opened the restaurant and told everyone (including the world on this blog) of our intentions to move closer to the restaurant.  The whole idea behind a move was that the Chef would actually see his kids more than 4 hrs a week.  Crazy right?  When we finalized the lease this week we told both sets of parents and they literally responded "since when did you decide to move?'  Uhhhhh yeah like 3 yrs ago.

We live in suburbia. We drive two cars 30 minutes each way to work.  We don't like driving two cars 30 minutes each way to work.  We don't like having two cars. We like walking.  We like public transpo.  We like boutiques and independent restaurants.  We like pitbulls and cities and white people and black people and orange people and werid freaky people.  Our kids enjoy museums and art and culture.  As do we.  Why should we not move to a part of town that embraces the life we want to lead?  We have been living in a succubus of soul since we've moved back from the city.  The only good aspects about where we live is the fact that our families are super close.  However I rarely see my family.  Moving is going to put some distance between us and drastically change our babysitting options but it will also allow us much more time with the Chef.  He could come home mid day hang with us and go back for service.  He could take the train to work.  We could possibly eliminate one car.  One insurance.  The possibilities are endless.

It will be good.  We will be good.

And now I need to figure out how in the hell I am going to pack a house in 30 days.  Shitballs.  Anyone know any free movers/packers?