The past two weeks have sucked for the Chef and I.  He has been an uber stressball and in turn has been a little bit mean to me.  He's got a fucking insane schedule this month, he has restaurant issues, and he some other bullshit on his plate that is affecting him badly.  Not to mention his serious sleep deprivation.   Normally the Chef does not let things get to him. But he can only deal with things for so long. And he damn well has dealt with them long enough. Sorry for being so cryptic but it's not really the interwebs business.

So because of all this shit he has basically been a jerk (to me).  And I hate it.  I am usually the mean one, not him.  He's the nice the guy.  He's the guy who deals with my crazy on a daily basis & still gives me a back massage every night.  That's right ladies I said every night.  He's the one who tells me I am beautiful every morning even when I am SO not.  So when he takes his stress out on me & is a mean jerkface, I am wholeheartedly affected.  And it shows.  I mope and I pout.  It's a sad sad sight.

He leaves for NYC tomorrow.  I am bummed but I think the space will give him some time to relax.  Are you wondering how one could relax while filming Iron Chef?  Well that's the thing about Chefs, the secret is that they are the least stressed out when they are cooking.  For reals.  When the Chef has one goal (cooking) and his mind is on that he is at ease.  All he has to do is think about one thing.  Cooking.  Well  maybe two things.  Cooking and wining.

Hopefully being in a kitchen for 24 hours straight and being away from all the emails, phone calls, and unsolicited advice will give him a chance to calm down and come home in a happy (nice) mood.  I need my happy Chef back.  And some lovin' wouldn't be so bad either.

Sounds like I've got a case of the Mondays...

In other news how crazy HOT was True Blood last night?  I am totally crushing on Eric.  Delish.