Bocce Ball Can Save Your Life

The Camaraderie Shows

Sometimes owning a restaurant absolutely sucks.  It can be heartbreaking, backbreaking, and relationship breaking.  The difference between and owning and working for all comes down to one thing: CASH MONEY.   Everyday money is an THE issue.  When you don't own your own restaurant, things like budget, food costs, and payroll may not directly affect your daily drudge.  But when you do own the restaurant, these things become daily HOURLY concerns.  Emails are sent regarding everything, phone calls come in all day long.  Everyone has a say and everyone thinks they what they know is the best.

This can be difficult for a Chef's Widow.  This is the part that I hate.  I have a very hard time listening, seeing, and watching all the money stuff.  All the unsolicited advice and all the shit that comes down on only one person, the Chef. It is so difficult to watch my husband, a normally chillaxed dude, get stressed the F out on the daily.

But these concerns and stresses flew out the window at our Slow Foods Bastille Day Celebration.  It was phenomenal and probably the best event that I have been to in a very loooooooong time.  Everyone ABSOLUTELY came together.  The staff, Slow Food Members, Non Members, and all of the visiting Chef's acted as one and it seemed to me that everyone had known each other for years.  It was awesome.  There was an atmosphere of commoderie for a good cause.  Sweetness. For about 3 hours I got to pretend that there weren't 40 emails regarding money, budget, and all the other tough aspects of being a restaurant owner in my inbox.

And I got to play Bocce with my favorite coffee shop owner & non husband Chef:


Bocce brings 'em together: Erie Island Entrepreneur and the Chef I love to Hate Boccie it up!

***Kisses & Congratulations go out to Chef Eric , Chef Heather, & Chef Rocco for their awesome week!

***If you are NOT a Slow Food member, you SHOULD be.  What are you waiting for?  We have kick ass events and there are some really awesome peeps.  Contact Kari if you would like some more info.