Passion is the drunkenness of the mind ***UPDATED

My first real live protest waaaaaaaaay back before GW sent us to war

This weekend was most enjoyable even though it started off particularly disheartening.  Friday morning I was on the go by 6 am.  The Chef had to leave at 7 to get to the Veggi U Food & Wine event and I had to get the house packed, cleaned, and ready for our weekend away.  I got my coffee, settled in at my computer and opened my inbox.  Low and behold there was an email from a friend.  A friend who is well aware of my political stance.  It was a forward supporting the right (actually it was a comparison of Obama & Bush, not sure how that can even be possible) and it was absolutely absurd.  Not because it was for the right but because armchair politics is cheesy.

Here's what I don't understand.  Does one really thing change can be made through an email forward?  Does one really think that I am going to switch teams because of something that landed in my inbox? I think not.

If you have something to say or you desperately care to change the way this country works, then get off your ass and make a move.  Don't email.  Don't assume that I am ignorant and will automatically change my belief system because you send me some fear mongering propaganda.  Seriously don't have time for it.  I have two kids, 2 dogs, one restaurant, and a husband that never sleeps.  My plate is full.

This email did get me thinking though.  Pre kids I was a bit of a spit fire.  I minored in Poli Sci and loved it.  Every class, every book, and quite a few teachers inspired me to actually care about what was going on around.  They inspired me to read and search for answers instead of letting some news outlet tell me what to believe in.  Since then my fire had cooled.  My passion for policy and politics weaned as my passion for my family grew.  It wasn't until last years election and the campaign prior that my political passion exploded again. Funny(and terribly sad) how a complete breakdown of our country by a buffoon president will make one care.  Although my passion for this country's political system began to grow again I still was complacent.  My news came from CNN and NPR.  Both decent sources, however back in the day I had at least 3 newspaper subscriptions from around the world and the New York Times was the first thing I read on the daily.  Man, The State, and War didn't leave my side and I would even quote from it while I was out drinking.  A bit silly I know.  But at least I had a source.

Times have certainly changed for all of us and I hope they keep changing.  Change is necessary for our country's growth and expansion.  Change also needs to happen for me.  I need to educate myself more with the world.  Current events need to be mind on mind.  Because if they aren't, I will just become a complacent American who forwards bullshit emails.

****Update: after receiving a few nasty comments regarding the above post I thought it may be time for an update.  My post above meant no ill will to anyone.  I think that I respect both sides quite well.  Hell I've gotta considering our entire family except the Chef, myself, and my sister in law are all members of the Republican party.  My point was that the email itself inspired me to get of MY OWN ASS and do something.  Re-educate myself with the world.  That is all.