Veggi U Know How To Throw a Party

2009-07-18_9123 An array of deliciousness, especially the cucamelon, mini melons that look like water melon yet taste like cuks.  The snozberries taste like snozberries!


Farmer Bob Jones explains the seed process which is actually WAY more complicated then putting a seed in the ground and covering it with dirt.


Succulent herbs and lettuce grown in the greenhouse by George


The above scene made briefly considering selling all of our possesions, buying a plot of Earth, and farming it up...& then I woke up.


This really cool irrigation tractor that the family invented


Diamond Crystal Lettuce, something I've never heard of but something that made my mouth drool.

But the Chef's Garden knows how to grow some kick ass vegetables...

Pictures above are from our amazing tour of Chef's Garden, a place that inspires me to really really love vegetables...