10 Things I'm Learning About Myself at Blogher '09

photo The Chicago sun and I making sweet sweet love on a park bench

1.  I am not as social as I once was.  In fact I am kind of a lame ass.  5 years ago this crazy widow would be the headliner of every social event in town.    Today not so much.  A bed, a book, and a bath is my idea of a kick ass night.

2.  The above being said, the people I've met and the friendships I've made at BlogHer '09 appear to be ones that may last a very long time.  Miss Britt, Mr. Lady, Busy Dad, and Mommy is Moody...I heart you a million.

3.  I do not drink nearly as much as I used to.  Not even remotely close.  I am SO super lameo.  However, being hungover and listening to people talk about the interwebs sucks ass.

4.  I am madly in love with my children & the Chef and I desperately miss them.  To the point of serious depression.

5.  I really really really love to hang out with myself alone.  Some of the best time this weekend had been with me & only me.  And I am pretty awesome... so you know I'm having fun.

6.  I am madly in love with Chicago.  I can so see us living here.  Or opening a restaurant here.  Near future....?

7.  I don't give a shit about swag.

8.  I do give a shit about all of the awesome intelligent informative educating and funny BlogHer sessions & speakers.

9.  I think daddy (and dude) bloggers are too cool for school.

10. Top 10 lists are fucking awesome.