Photo Essay: The 5 Faces of a Pug Fox Terrier

2009 07 27_9268_au_edited-1 Veto begins his journey towards relaxation...looking for a spot, settling in, then, squirrel!  Relaxation time is O-V-E-R.  How can a pug fox terrier sleep when there are creatures invading his backyard at any moment?  Howwwww?????

2009 07 27_9272_au_edited-1

Veto contemplates his exsistence.  How can this be all there is?  Food, water, massages, and licking stuff.  There has to be more to life, there just has to!

2009 07 27_9274_edited-1 copy

Sometimes Veto gets a little amorous, especially if stinky feet are nearby.  Let the lickins' commence!

2009 07 27_9269_edited-1 copy

99% of the time Mr. Veto plays the role of serious pug fox terrier.  He is on guard at all times and if you walk on his sidewalk he will cut you (or just bark for 10 minutes at nothing).

2009 07 27_9276_au_edited-1