Bobby Flay Loves Greenhouse Chicken Wings

That's right friends.  You heard me correctly.  THE Bobby Flay loves Greenhouse Tavern chicken wings.  THE Bobby Flay who runs 400 million successful restaurants, is married to my favorite ex L & O DA (if you can figure that out then we should be bestest friends), & THE Bobby Flay who made over 15 gazillion million dollars last year, LOVES LOVES LOVES our chicken wings. Evidence:


I know the above fact because as a Chef's Widow sometimes I get lucky enough to be invited to some really fucking awesome events.  One of these events happened last Sunday at Lola and then later at The Greenhouse.  The event was an event that Mike Symon does every year and holds near and dear to his heart. Share Our Strength is an organization whose goal is NO KID HUNGRY.  A beautiful goal. The entire evening was very inspirational and quite emotional.  Listening to the cold facts about hungry children in our country is devastating and somewhat hard to believe.  The whole night got me thinking about charity.   As a restaurant we are given many opportunities to participate alongside charities.  We do benefit dinners, we give away gift certificates & cooking classes, and we participate in other restaurants charity events.  We haven't however really aligned our restaurant with any particular charity.  Symon does an SOS dinner every year.  This year alone he raised $55,000 $95,000 (early morning text from Symon letting me know my faux pas)for the cause. Way awesome. We support Slow Food however that is more of an organization (an awesome one at that) than a charity.  This leads me to believe that we (as a business) need to align ourselves with a charity.  But how do we choose?

I have always been a write the check kind of girl when it comes to charity.  When Global Green sends me a letter, I send them money.  When the (RED) organization asks me to buy (RED) products like computers & clothes, I do.  I would like to choose an organization that we can support year round.  We could have events, drink specials, or even classes were a portion goes to our charity of choice.  I suppose that is something that I should start to research.  I (and the Chef) wholeheartedly believe in giving back to the world that gives us so much.  And we are very fortunate enough to have a tool to do so.  I would love suggestions of strong organizations (local, international, and national) that are sucessful, beneficial, and true.  xoxo

Now back to Bobby Flay.

The SOS dinner was delicious and beautiful, however the afterparty was the funk.  Symon asked the Chef to host it at The Greenhouse Tavern and host he did.  The tavern rented a Slushee machine and made Dark & Slushies and Watermelon Coolers.  Afreakinmazing. At the afterparty I watched Bobby Flay inhale a plate (s) of chicken wings, I played Bocce Ball against Jonathan Waxman (and won!), and I was 1/3 of a Nolan sandwich(see below).  Not bad for a night in the Cleve.


The lovely Ms. Symon, myself, and Nolan enjoy a little sandwich time

***There is exactly 33 minutes left to try and wine a kickass swag bag from Chef's Widow.  Bonne Chance.

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