Pay It Forward is in Full Rotation

Last week my inspiration for charitable organizations had peaked. My desire to give back flared up and has yet to die down.  Pay it forward has been in full rotation. As a child my dad would tell me stories about his friend Skippy.  They had been best friends growing up in Madison, OH and had eventually gone their separate ways as adults.  Skippy took a route that most don't.  He joined the Peace Corps.  He met his wife in the corps and together they ended up in Swaziland. Skippy spoke Swahili and they were immersed completely into the culture of the land.  They had a family as time passed, and their children were also immersed in the small country.  Each year I would wait by the mailbox in anticipation of their annual Christmas letter.  The letter would fully detail what had been going on in ach family member's life for the past year.  The letters were so interesting and so different from the life I led.  At a young age I learned that there was more to life than what I saw on TV, there was a world out there.

I had never met Skippy or any member of his family but the letters they sent once a year combined with the stories my father told me about his childhood made me feel like The Kennedy's (no relation) were a part of my family too.  Their work inspired me as a young girl and whenever someone asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up my answer was always the same, I want to join the Peace Corps.  But as many things often do, my plan for the Peace Corps got tossed aside, just as my fondness for Phish tour did.  Thank god (about Phish tour***, not the Peace Corps).

Skippy passed away awhile ago and the letters stopped.  My father has been trying to get in touch with his wife to no avail to see how the rest of the family is doing.  I know that they all went into some kind of public service for the less fortunate.  They followed in their father's footsteps.  I forgot about those letters for a moment but remembered how much they meant to me.  What a big part of my childhood they were and I may not be able to join the Peace Corps anytime soon but I know that I can easily give back.  I can easily use my good fortune to pay it forward.

And why shouldn't I?  There is a whole helluva lot of pain and suffering out there.  Life's too short to be  selfish.

This Friday is the Dress for Success Annual Gala and I am giving TWO tickets away for the event! It is gonna be a kickass good time!  Dress for Success is a rad national organization that not only supplies suits for success but also focuses on the women's journey to person self sufficiency through mentors, professional women's groups, and career centers.

The event on August 14th called, A Denim Affair, will feature VIP reception & appetizers, live auction (with tons of awesome items including 2 tix to see Conan), and great company!  To win the two tickets I would like to know how you Pay It Forward in your life.  It doesn't have to be anything big, fancy, or amazing.  Sometimes the little things make the most change and bring the most inspiration. Leave me a comment below and I will announce a winner Friday morning.

Bonne Chance bitches.

A special thanks to the Dress for Success peeps including Christina for setting the Widow up with this great giveaway!

***Ever want to see pics of the Chef on Phish tour, now is your chance!