5 Steps to Pack a House w/o Losing Your Mind

I have a few words of wisdom for anyone who wants to pack their house without losing their minds.  Enjoy. 2009 08 15_9640

1. Ignore the Mess

2009 08 15_9641

2. Do not follow the trail of toys anywhere.  It only leads to more toys.

2009 08 15_9643

3. Stop doing laundry.  Completely.  Let it pile up in baskets and WALK the fuck away.

2009 08 15_9645

4.  Don't feel guilty about allowing your son to sleep on a sheet-less mattress.  It's not your fault all the sheets are packed.

2009 08 10_9621

5.  Hire a hunky chef to do all the heavy lifting.

Basically ignore the mess until it gets so out of control that you HAVE to pack like I am doing today.  Ugh.

***Thanks to everyone for making my kickass Gap Born to Fit party phenomenal, more to come on that later plus a very cool Gap giveaway!