Gap Born to Fit The Greenhouse Tavern

Two months ago I met a woman named Justine. She asked me if I would like to become a Gap Brand Enthusiast.  Not knowing what that was I said yes immediately.  I dig the Gap and I dig enthusiasm so it just made S-E-N-S-E. After agreeing to the role of a GBE I found out what exactly that role entails.  Jeans, jeans, and more jeans!  I would be given the opportunity to try out Gap's new Born to Fit jeans and throw a party for my friends.  Because my life revolves around the restaurant, I thought it would be badass to have the party there.  Then I thought why not have the party for the restaurant?  An idea was born.

The people who work at our restaurant have become our family.  There would be no restaurant without them.  There would be no Bon Appetit mention if we did not have back waiters and servers, chefs or dishwashers.  There would be no trip to Epcot for the Food & Wine Festival if we had no bartenders and no managers. They make this restaurant. Their beliefs in what we do here inspire me everyday.  They are passionate about The Greenhouse Tavern and it shows every time someone writes something kind about us.  The Chef and I are extremely lucky to have such a phenomenal set of people making up our Greenhouse family.

The Greenhouse Family (and Potato)

With that in mind, I contacted Justine to see if it may be possible to have a slightly larger party then the one she first offered.  I told her my plan, she called The Gap peeps, and gave me the ok to have a Greenhouse Tavern staff Born to Fit party.  The Gap sent me TONS & TONS of jeans in all different sizes and flavors.  Skinny, straight, loose, and athletic jeans all showed up at more door a few weeks back.  Needless to say I was WAY excited for my Gap Born to Fit party.

The party went off without a hitch.  The Chef & I wanted to keep it a surprise so we told everyone we were having a staff meeting.  All 40 people who work at the restaurant showed up and I was so so so stoked to tell them about my big surprise.  We popped some champagene (a 1988 Henriot mind you) and I let the cat out the bag.  Awesomeness followed:

My Gap Born to Fit party was too cool for school.  And the jeans, well, I'll let the jeans speak for themselves:

Chris models his Gap Born to Fit Straight Jeans...wowza!

Watch out world, Keri shows her Born to Fit skinnies!  A-M-E-N!

Corrine models her kicks and her Born to Fits!

I am so proud of our staff here at The Greenhouse Tavern and I am so grateful that I could share such fantastic and cool jeans with them.   I am dead serious about the jeans being cool.  Since the party, not 1, not 2, but every single person who celebrated with me at my Born to Fit party has come up to me at the restaurant and told me how magnificent their jeans are.  I kid you not.  My (and everyone else's) ass looks fabulous in them.  Even the boys.  They are truly born to fit.

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Bonne Chance Bitches.