Gap Born To Fit Contest Winners

Because I happen to be a bit hungover after two nights of playing Russian Roulette with my liver, it is simply not possibly for me to figure out a creative way to pick the winners of my Gap Born to Fit Jeans Giveaway.  So I used randomizer.  Lame I know, but the dark & stormy's I drank last night are seeping out of my skin and all I want to do is sleep or bathe.  Or sleep & bathe simaltaneously.   Not gonna happen though cause the kiddos really wanna play.  Whatevs. As you were.

Congratulation to all the Gap Born to Fit Contest Winners!

Congrats to everyone who won a pair of Gap men's Born to Fit Jeans:


Jennifer B






Amanda K



Congrats to the ladies who won a gift certificate good for 1 pair of Gap jeans:



Miss Hellcat (Cindy)

Please email me: chefswidow at gmail dot com, your mailing address as well as the size jeans (give me a few different sizes, I will try to get as close as I can, I have limited sizes 29-34) you would like (remember these are men's jeans!) if you won a pair.  Thanks for playing~ xoxo

I would also like to give multiple mouth kisses to Gap & Brand ABout Town because I never would have gotten to have this kick ass contest without them.  A special thanks goes out to Justine (from BAT) who simply rocks.