Dancing in the Rain

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Sometimes the simplest moments can change your life.  Tonight I watched my children play in the rain.  They had not a care in the world except to see how many puddles they could jump in. The adults watched in awe. How simple life can be for the young.  If we only took 5 minutes of our day to play in the rain and let go of all of it, I think the world could be a better place.  As I watched them dance and yell and run I was brought back in time for only a moment.  I was 7 yrs old again and I was jumping in the creek behind our house.  My brother was catching water crickets and the raindrops started getting bigger and bigger.  We ran up to our house sliding through the mud, dancing the entire way.  I was alive then and my children gave me that moment all over again as I watched their tiny bodies get soaked, and listened as their laughs got larger and louder.