Princess Louisiana Makes her Debut

For anyone who knows me in real life, you know how I am not a girly girl.  Sure I love Marc Jacobs handbags and high high heels but that's as girly as I go.  Most days you can find me in rocking yoga pants, flip flops, &  unwashed hair.  I tend to only wear makeup on weekends and I can't remember the last time I had polish on my nails. However I am a mother to a girl.  I am also auntie to my best friend's daughter who is now 4.  I have witnessed my best friend and her daughter's relationship from day one.  AK is a girl after my own heart.  She tends to only wear black & rocks kick ass LV handbags.  When her daughter Bo was born we all scattered to find the coolest and blackest clothes out there in mini sizes.  For the first year of her life, Bo Bo resembled her mother. And then she turned 2. All bets were off.  Within a month of her second birthday, Bo had turned princess.  She became obsessed.  Princess movies, princess toys, princess dresses, princess shampoo...I could go on forever.  It has not stopped.  When I visit it looks as though Disney barfed on their house.  There is pink chiffon everywhere and there is nothing AK can do about.  Her daughter has morphed into a princess.

I see this and I get frightened.  I am ok with a little princess.  In fact I really do like playing dress up with my kids.  I do not however want The Little Mermaid to take over my effing house.  So when I was contacted by Connie from Princess Time Toys about reviewing a costume from her lovely website, I thought it would be a perfect way to circumvent the obsessive princess disorder that most toddler girls seem to experience.  I was also excited about doing the review because in 13 days the Chef, the kids, and I will be in Disney for the Epcot Food & Wine Festival.  Hells yeah. We had a blast a Disney with C-Money and I am so excited that the Chef was fortunate enough to get asked to participate in the festival so Biggie can enjoy the magic!  Plus we are so doing the princess dinner thing and I thought she would love to get dressed up.

I perused Princess Time Toys for days before I was able to pick out the perfect costume for my Biggie.  I couldn't decide between this and this. I ended up letting the Chef break the tie. I think he did well:

2009 09 11_9975_edited-1

Lady Louisiana

We received the costume a few weeks back and hadn't a chance to try it one because of our crazy move.  I hung it in Biggie's closet and everyday she would yank it down, bring it to me, and say 'pitty' (pretty).  This morning the Chef took the kids on a bike ride and I decided today would be the day.  Today would be our step into the world o'girl.  Biggie came home and I brought the dress downstairs along with the matching rose headband and the white glove set.  A lady must always remember her gloves. She put the gloves on first and the rest of Belle followed.  The next thing I knew she was prancing around the house with Potato singing Twinkle, Twinkle and blowing kisses.  A tomboy's nightmare.  She has been having a blast and the costume itself is stunning on my darling girl.  She absolutely refuses to take it off.  Uh oh, what did I get myself into?

Princess  Lessons to Live by told by Biggie Smalls:

2009 09 11_9974

A princess always covers her face before it is camera ready

2009 09 11_0008

A lady always covers her hands in white

2009 09 11_9989_edited-1

A princess crosses her hands when in danger of a vicious pitbull lick attack

A princess always remember to keep the hands gloved, even while playing harmonica

A princess must always get her beauty rest

2009 09 11_0007_edited-1

A princess knows when to show her face and her dress to achieve the ultimate cuteness factor

It seems I may have had a little girly rub off on me, eh?