Karma Chameleon Bites, Watch Out

The restaurant industry has a dark side.  I am sure that any of you who have ever worked in a restaurant or a bar know this.  Late nights and long hours contribute to this dark side.  I have also learned over the past 7 years of my life that there is a netherworld involving the culinary aspect of restaurants.  The Chef & I turn a blind eye to the negativity that can come from other chefs, other restaurants, etc.  We believe in karma and we feel that whatever we do unto others will come back to us.  Good or bad.  We  keep it friendly. We have had some struggles with this. The Chef is proud of his past accomplishments and I am proud of him.  But they were not easy.  In fact some were downright heartbreaking.  I have never used this blog to talk shit about other restaurants or Chefs.  I believe that 90% of Cleveland restaurant owners and Chefs are in it for the good.  They support their fellow man. We have participated in events that prove this.  Over the summer I worked countless events where the Chef's came together and supported the city, charity, or their  fellow chef.  It is always an impressive site.

I started this blog as a way to express my frustration over the Chef's long hours and my time alone with baby.  It has given me great therapy, introduced me to many amazing people, and brought light onto the other half of a Chef.  My frustration today is not directed at my husband.  It is directed at those who blatantly take credit for others ideas and concepts.  It is directed at those who take advantage of a young family when they are at their most vulnerable.  It is directed at those who steal the words of a child and use them as their own.  It is directed at those who do not support the Chefs of this city.  It is directed at those who straight up lie and take full advantage of human kindness.  Fuck you.

I know that the Karma Chameleon who show it's teeth to you one day.