Bad Blogger Widow, Bad Blogger

It's been almost three months since my trip to Chicago for the BlogHer conference ended and I am finally getting to sift through the business cards of peoples that I met. Yep.  I've really taken my time with this one.

Oh Mommy's Emmy Extravaganza

Last night I headed over to OhMommy's casa for an Emmy party that she was having.  She invited bloggers, normals, and neighbors so it was an interesting crowd.  The bloggers naturally gravitated towards one another and at the end of the night I realized that I am a TERRIBLE, NO GOOD blogger.  Although I try my damnedest to get posts up everyday I barely read any other blogs. Asshole, right? It's not that I don't like other blogs, I do I do, there are some fucking amazing blogs out there.  I just don't have the time to read.  By the time my day is over and the kids are in bed, I barely want to post. All I can focus on is opening a bottle of wine and pouring it down my throat. Usually I end up going to sleep and writing in the morning, thus my time left to read is zilch.  My non existent laptop also puts a damper on my blog reading.  I get so jealous of all the folks on Twitter sitting on their couches, watching tv, blogging, tweeting, doing it, and folding laundry.  All at once!  Bitches.

My mission while on vaca (starting Thursday) is to actively read all of the blogs of the people I met at the conference as well as all my old favorites and a few newbies that I met last night.  You should try it to.  Here's who I'm going to be stalking for the next 10 days:

Tales From Clark Street


Prairie Mama

Miss Lori's Campus

Life of Curiosity

Caffeine & A Prayer

Secondhand Tryptophan


Vodka Mom

Taste Like Crazy

Mommin It Up

Sarah and The Goon Squad

Just Like The Number


Traveling Mamas

Miss Britt

Second City Soiree

Whiskey In My Sippy Cup

The Extraordinary Ordinary

Yo Mama Morris

Domestic Extraordinare

Managed Chaos

Yankee Drawl

Some of the peeps I have listed above I have read and been fortunate enough to meet.  Others I have not read.  So if they suck I am sorry, but if they are awesome & change your life, you totally have to buy me a drink if we ever get to hang in the reals lifes.

Peace & Grease Bitches.