The PC After Dinner Marlboro

I am in mad love with all of your comments. You really love coffee.

I had a fantastic time reading your words.  Here are my five fave's:

  • Angie said: CW, you totally have to keep me in condsideration for this. I am a Starbucks junkie. If I win, I will call her Coffee chickie. We will bond and I will become legendary for my coffee chickie at the family functions ( YES I WILL TAKE HER TO THE FAMILY PARTIES!! ). I too have a Chef Hubby who will not let me play with kitchen gadgets. Coffee is a pickme up- it’s a universal bonding agent that helps reconnect me with my Chef on our worst days. It helps me find common ground with my friends after I have blown them off for the upteenth time. It’s a peace offering for my mother when she has watched my 3 very active children all day. It’s yet another thing that I have in common with you! And If I have to go any buy my own…. welll… :( I guess.( PICK ME!!!!! )
  • From Melinda: I started drinking coffee when I was 8. No kidding. My mother and grandmother told me it would stunt my growth. My grandfather encouraged me to put in lots of cream – and sugar. Drinking coffee is about my memories of him: our visits to the coffee shop for a donut, eating my grandmother’s pie after dinner, warming-up on the fishing boat at 5am. It was our ‘treat’ together. I thought I was being subtle and covert about drinking it. But, no. Four years later, after he’d died, my grandmother gave me one of his coffee mugs, which my husband now uses. I love that. Sappy, yes – but drinking coffee connects people, even people who’ve never met. And it still makes me feel like a little girl in a grown-up world.
  • YC feels strongly about the coffee:  The Scenario:  You’ve eaten a fine meal at a locally owned restaurant. You put your arms on the table, relax your posture a bit as you sink back into your chair. You sigh. The buzz of the restaurant is winding down…a low hum that signals the end of the service and as you look around, people are smiling and laughing and languidly swirling the last of their dinner wines, rapt in inebriated conversation. You spy a white porcelain cup on a petite saucer across the room. Of course. The perfect end to the meal! You look around for your server, eager to place an order for a steaming cup of shade grown satisfaction. Its intoxicating aroma pearls into your nose like gossamer ribbons. That first sip that is like inhaling a tempered bonfire…the flavors that sweetly spread across your tongue and mingle with your dulled senses. You breathe in. You exhale through your nose and you smell it.

Coffee. The PC after dinner Marlboro.

  • Crystal says: What is not to love about coffee! The smell of a fresh pot bring people from miles around. When it’s hot, it’s warm and cozy. Great for conversations with friends. When it’s cold it’s refreshing and fun – summer in a glass! Short and dark espresso takes me back to Italy every time. Cappuccino with its frothy top tickling your nose. Latte – with lots of hot milk is a meal replacement in a pinch. I think I’m going to go get a cup now…
  • Scott Martin loves the togetherness of the bean: my favorite thing about coffee is.. being a cook i dont get to see my wife as much as i would like so every saturday morning we walk our dog to the farmers market to pick up somethign for breakfast, then sit on the back porch and drink our coffee and actually get to talk about how our week was!, alittle bit of calm in my crazy day! so my favorite thing about coffee is it gives me time to enjoy the company of my wife on a busy day!

It was very very difficult to pick a winner.  So I didn't.  I made the Chef chose from my top 5 and  he picked YC!  Congrats darling.  Email me your address and color choice (not sure this will happen but just in case) and I will have Nescafe send you a machine asap.

Thank you to Nescafe and DolceGusto US for giving me the oppurtunity to review such a kewl machine.  xoxo