GREEEEEN with envy: A Guest Blogger wishes she was on vacation too.

Wishing I was soaking up some Florida sun while enjoying the best of food and wine in the land of magic, if only just for one full would at least, erase my last memory of Walt Disney World, which would be the college internship I did there, as a ‘custodial hostess’…true story…me, pan & broom cleaning up vomit and spilled popcorn on the streets of MGM studios( I will spare you all a photo of me in my uniform as the custodial uniform was a far cry from the more desirable female costumes like, say, Jasmine or Cinderella or something like that)…I think a wine and food festival would be a bit more my style nowadays.

While our mama chef, papa chef and their little baby chefs our down at the Epcot Food & Wine festival, I get the exciting responsibility of posting here for a day!  I don't know why, posting on someone else's blog feels like an adventure, but it kinda does.

I have decided on a GREEN theme for my post today.  Of course, it is the blog of the matriarch of the first family of the Greenhouse Tavern, so it seems a fitting subject, but I also used to actually have a GREEN-themed blog, and thought this could be a good opportunity to remind myself (and perhaps some of you)  of how chic green can be!

VINTAGE = GREEN so check out these amazing vintage magazine covers I found at Grain Edit:

I am not exactly sure where, in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood I could easily assimilate one of these little numbers, but I’m down with this green living situation:

Pod Space Ltd., a line of three prefabricated garden buildings that blend efficient design and sustainable materials with a stylish, modernist flair.

While in New York last month, I spent some time with my friend Jen, a Breast Cancer survivor who has completely changed her world to a better shade of green upon her recovery; And has since started her own green blog to share her insight into the world of beauty products (she works at L'Oreal's Manhattan headquarters). We even had an evening of organic mani's and pedi's at her apartment!  check out her *Bad News List* here.


STOP THE WASTEFUL JUNK MAIL SHENANIGANS!!!! an online service, allows you to put a stop to credit card offers, junk mail and unwanted catalogs.  Its like a dream come true, if only it also had a STOP BILLS feature than it would truly be flawless.

I found this interesting website that can rate how walkable your town is:


How walkable is your city? Find out your Walk Score here.

These have nothing to do with sustainability whatsoever, unless your referring to sustaining my sanity and a little good design goes a long way to meet that end…plus they are technically ‘green’:

It was fun to remind myself of some things I can do to reduce my carbon footprint and play on another bloggers site for the day.  You can check out my mostly design-related blog, ROOM SERVICE here or my store here.   Xoxo  danielle