Monday Munchies

My fun filled weekend of work, music, and family severely impeded my ability to write.  Translation: I drank too much on Saturay night and have been a lazy ass since.  I did find the time to peruse the interwebs and I'm glad I did.  Here's what I'm into this week: Ten Things Anthony Bourdain & David Chang hate

Twitter tights. The coolest nerdsessory out there.  Coming soon to my gams...

Cleveland is #1 for an affordable getaway according to Travel & Leisure.  Fuck yeah.

My boyfriend's new movie with my namesake comes out  on October 23rd.  Win tickets here.

My heart belongs to Rachel Maddow as she so eloquently explains why our President's Nobel Peace Prize win should be an honor for every citizen and all should feel pride no matter which side of the spectrum they are on.

The Legendary Shack Shakers puts on a damn good show.

And finally, the Chef & I are getting a whoopin' over on Metromix's Interesting Couples contest.  Help us not look so lame.  Voting is at the end of the article.