How to Pickle Green Tomato's

Over the summer we stayed at a certain Iron Chef's home before we moved. He was on a fantabulous vaca with his wife and asked me to take care of his amazing garden. He also asked the Chef to pickle some green tomato's. The Chef being the busy man that he is, asked me to do it. I nervously obliged. Little did I know that I would have a very hard time finding out how to do it. The internet (my source for everything) would only tell me the cucumber pickling process. So I raised my middle finger to the interwebs and decided to choose my own adventure regarding pickling green tomato's.

Here it is folks. Don't quote me on anything and follow these instructions to your own avail. I take no legal responsibility if your pickled 'maters taste crappy or worse. I am still waiting to see how mine did. The Iron Chef has yet to tell me...

Oh yeah, and if for some reason Food Network is reading this, I AM SO ready for my own show. Times are tough for the widow family (a little extra cash couldn't hurt) and I really think that a cooking show about someone who has absolutely no idea how to cook is exactly what the American people need.

Cheers bitches.

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