The Natural Progression of Dreadlocks

My hair is falling out.  It has been since the summer and I just got around to thinking about it.  I wonder why? Hair-Crazy

I have been a master hair colorist since 1995.  I started with pink and eventually turned to more traditional colors like brown, red, and black.  For the past 5 years I have been a seasonal girl, coloring my hair red in the fall, brown in the winter, and blonde in the summer.  I enjoy it.  I like to change my look.  Some might consider me the Madonna of Cleveland minus the whole Kabbalah and dating a 19 year old thing (though I totally would if I were unattached).  Easy now widow, easy.  Back to the whole female pattern baldness issue.  So yeah, my hair's falling out.

A few people who are actually professional stylist's, have told me it could be caused by stress and I should go to a doctor.  Some have told me it's the coloring.  I'm gonna go with the latter.  Fourteen years of dying my hair with really really bad chemicals and I'm surprised when clumps fall out?  Not so much.

With that I have come to a fork in the road.  Dreadlocks or natural.  I am either going to dread my hair (I have always wanted to be the girl with dreads & a Louis Vuitton bag, cheesey I know) or I am going to lay off the chemical processes for 365 days.  Fuck. Last week I was full on the dreadlock bandwagon and then I realized that if I did go forward with the dreads, at some point I would have to shave my head.  Which would have been cool had Britney Spears not gone that route a few years ago.  And then...the Chef told me he thought my hair was prettiest when I was pregnant, au naturale. What a lovah. He makes my very important decisions easy.   Pretty natural hair you will be mine.  Muwah ha ha. Vanity wins again!  As long as I can quelch this burning desire to run to CVS and buy as many boxes of Feria that I can get my hands on....